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Winter 2010

Christmas Newsbites

25/12/2010 - Merry Christmas to the Empire and all nations! Today the Imperial Residence was visited by Dame Joyce (mother of Vicereine Margaret and grandmother of Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline) and two friends of Sir Terry, with the seven of them enjoying Christmas lunch together. As there is still a small amount of snow in Wrythe Public Park from last week's snowfall, and a few very tiny flakes of snow were reported early this morning in Wrythe, Crown Prince Jonathan as Minister for the Environment has announced that today is the first White Christmas of the Empire.

24/12/2010 - Sir Terry Austen, Vicereine Margaret, Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline have returned from the United Kingdom after visiting Dame Bette, mother of Sir Terry (the former Emperor), on Christmas Eve.



Peace declared - joint Monarchy proclaimed!

Since 10 December, Austenasia has been at war with Orly and the Midget Nation-in-Exile. This ended yesterday, when a Midget Army force managed to successfully invade Wrythe. Crown Prince Jonathan was alone and outnumbered and was forced to surrender and to agree with the Midgets' leader's idea for a lasting peace - that the Tsar of Orly and newly proclaimed Midget Master, Declan I (yes, the same Declan I that is King of Wilcsland, formerly known as Moylurg) would be made co-Emperor of Austenasia, ruling alongside HIM Emperor Esmond III.

The Crown Prince was in no position to refuse the demands, and was made to write up and sign an Act of Parliament putting into effect these changes. He was then made to get Vicereine Margaret and Princess Caroline, two Counsellors of State, to also sign it - with the signatures of three Counsellors of State, the Act passed into law, creating a joint monarchy and ending the war.

HIM Emperor Esmond III now jointly rules Austenasia alongside and equal to HIM Emperor Declan I. With Declan I as a joint monarch, Austenasia is now in personal union with many other small nations all across Britain, such as Wilcsland, Orly, and the Midget Nation. Despite the fact that this may be seen as a hostile takeover by Declan I, Crown Prince Jonathan has insisted that he will do everything possible to ensure that the dual monarchy works, with both Monarchs co-operating peacefully. He has also requested that all observing nations accept this change to the leadership of Austenasia and give thanks that peace has been achieved.



More snow

For the second time this month, the Empire has seen itself blanketed with snow. A few centimetres of snow fell yesterday, but mid-morning today about two more inches of snow fell. The local schools have already broken up for the Christmas holidays, and the snow seems to have caused minimal disruption.



Act of Parliament passed by Counsellors of State

It was recently discovered that Zephyria, the town formerly known as South Kilttown, was actually spelt "Zephirya" in the Act of Parliament that renamed it, despite the spelling "Zephyria" being used in nearly all instances since then. Another Act was passed today declaring that both spellings are equally correct and can be used interchangeably.

What was noticeable about this Act is that it was given Imperial Consent by three of the Counsellors of State that were appointed on Friday with the declaration of the current State of Emergency. This is the first time in history that an Act of Parliament (except for the Constitution, although it is debatable whether or not that can be defined as an Act of Parliament) has been passed without the direct consent of the Monarch - in this case, the legislative powers of the Monarchy were legally utilised by the Counsellors of State to pass an Act in a very short time, a prime example of how the emergency measures adopted on Friday are resulting in much more efficient governance of the Empire during this difficult time.




Yesterday, war broke out between two local micronations, Orly and Rushymia. The Midget Nation, an ally of Orly, declared war on Rushymia and has threatened Austenasia with military action, as the Emperor of Austenasia is also King of Rushymia. Although neither Orly or Rushymia have any real armed forces and their state of war was mostly symbolic, the Midget Nation does have an army, within attacking distance of Austenasia. The Midget Nation has been a good friend of the Empire in the past, but is known for being very militaristic and after their threats against Austenasia it was felt that the Empire must defend itself.

It is therefore with the utmost regret that the following announcement is made: the Empire of Austenasia is at war with the Tsardom of Orly (led by King Declan of Wilcsland, a nation which paradoxically is allied with Austenasia) and the Midget Nation-in-Exile. Crown Prince Jonathan has refused to take part in the fighting unless directly ordered to (in which case that would be mutiny) and has declared that he will be doing everything he can to find a peaceful and diplomatic solution. He has delegated his power (but not his rank) as Field Marshal to Lord William, who has already invaded Orly with the 1st Zephyria Commando Platoon and established a small bridgehead.

The Empire of Austenasia has also been placed under a State of Emergency for the first time in history. The Emperor has been granted a wide range of temporary emergency powers to ensure effective and efficient governance during this time, and the Counsellors of State have been appointed to fulfill the Monarch's duties should he not be available. The State of Emergency will last until 19 December, when it will be decided whether or not to extend it.

Please see this link for more detail on this war (including its causes), and this link for the actions taken by Parliament this morning.


Snowfall Newsbites

4/12/2010 - The snow is now starting to noticably melt.

3/12/2010 - No more snow fell last night, but the conditions are now mostly ice and slush. Many schools have reopened, but those of Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline have once more been closed due to the bad travelling conditions.

2/12/2010 - Yet more snow fell overnight, the total accumulative amount having fallen since Tuesday now reaching roughly six inches, the most snow that has fallen on the Empire since the Great Snow of 2009. The local schools have again been closed for the day.

1/12/2010 - Snow fell yesterday on Wrythe and Zephyria, a small amount having set in the morning and by mid-afternoon upwards of two inches having settled. By this morning, upwards of four inches has settled. This, along with icy conditions on the roads, has resulted in the schools of Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline being shut for today.



Winter in Austenasia

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Esmond III has announced that the winter of 2010-11 has officially started today. Snow is expected to fall at some point over the following week, with other areas of the British Isles already having had snowfall.

Autumn 2010



Earlier today, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor signed into law Act 132, establishing the Republic of Dorzhabad as a protectorate of the Empire of Austenasia. Negotiations between the Prime Minister of Austenasia and the Premier of Dorzhabad over establishing a strong partnership between the two nations have been underway for some weeks now, and it has been decided that Dorzhabad will cede responsibility for defence and foreign affairs to Austenasia, in return for protection and mutual recognition and co-operation. Premier Daniel Morris, leader of the Republic of Dorzhabad, has been knighted an Imperial Knight of the Austenasian Order.



Royal titles recieved

On Sunday 17th earlier this month, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor climbed to the top of a fence in Wrythe's neighbouring British town of Carshalton, and retrieved a bottle that had been lodged in there for over 10 years. This may not seem like notable news until the fact is added that this bottle was placed there by King Alex of Rushymia, a now defunct nation existing between 1995-2000, with the declaration that the person to retrieve it would be his successor as King. The Emperor now claims the title King of Rushymia, and although no power can now be effectively excercised over Rushymia's former territory (a British primary school), the Emperor is pressing a claim to be nominal overlord of the Midget Nation-in-Exile, the government-in-exile of the Midget Empire (another now defunct nation which was seen as the successor state to Rushymia).

On Tuesday 19th, Crown Prince Jonathan was appointed joint King of Moylurg by King Declan I of Moylurg and Copan, as a sign of their personal and national friendship. The Crown Prince now has the style of HI&MH (His Imperial and Majestic Highness) instead of HIH, this new style being chosen so that the Crown Prince did not become HI&RM or a similar style and thus claim the same rank as the Emperor. As the sister of a King, Princess Caroline now has the style of HI&RH.



Second Austenasia-Moylurg state meeting

Earlier today, Crown Prince Jonathan met King Declan I of Moylurg and Copan for the second time, in the British town of Basingstoke. No treaty was signed like the August state visit to Moylurg, but the national friendship between the two countries was significantly strengthened today.

Vicereine Margaret accompanied the Crown Prince to Basingstoke, and King Declan was accompanied by his parents and brother.



Independence Day, Emperor coronated!

Today is Independence Day in Austenasia, marking the second year anniversary of when the Declaration of Independence was sent. The actual date is 20 September, but Independence Day is celebrated on the nearest Saturday to that date. Twelve knighthoods have been awarded to various friends of the Empire, including Sir Terry, the former Emperor, who has been appointed a KCJ - the highest knighthood that the Monarch can bestow.

This afternoon, the Emperor gave an unexpected visit to Wrythe, during which a hastily prepared coronation was carried out - taking the Imperial Diadem from the Founder's hands, His Imperial Majesty crowned himself in the Prime Minister's Office, directly above the spot that the Declaration of Independence was sent two years ago. More information can be seen here.

In other news, His Imperial Majesty decreed on 16 September that the Autumn of 2010 begun that day.

Happy Independence Day!

Summer 2010


Emperor gains new powers; South Kittown renamed

His Imperial Majesty has given Imperial Consent to Acts 125-7. Act 125 has renamed South Kilttown to Zephyria, and (as per the wishes of the Zephyrian subjects) reinstated Lord William as Acting Representative, until New Years Day 2011 when an election will take place.

Act 126 has, amongst other things, reaffirmed recognition of Copan, the Grove, and the Midget Nation-in-Exile, as well as granted official recognition to the Kingdom of Calsahara. Vycereine Margaret, mother of the Prime Minister and wife of the former Emperor, has had her title changed to Vicereine, the reason being that the former spelling is the translation in the language of the title's originating country, the Slinky Empyre.

Act 127 has given the Monarch power to decree Imperial Edicts. These imperial decrees can supersede town bye-laws, but can not override Acts of Parliament, and only affect Crown property, that is, land owned by the Monarch anyway. The first Imperial Edict was passed this morning, granting ownership and custodianship of the blade of grass growing nearest to 2 Imperial Road to Gen. Sir Ryan of the Outer Austenasia Division.



State visit to Moylurg

Earlier today, Crown Prince Jonathan met with King Declan I of Moylurg and Copan. A treaty was signed, and since the Crown Prince had been delegated ambassadorial powers by the Kingdom of the Grove and by the Midget Nation-in-Exile, the treaty was one of mutual recognition between Austenasia and all four aforementioned nations.

Austenasia and Moylurg are also now in an official state of alliance, and will come to each other's defence in the case of an attack by a third party.

In other news, Princess Caroline has now arrived at her place of exile, where she will remain until 14 August.



State visit planned

On 7 Agust 2010, the Crown Prince (accompanied by Princess Caroline, Vycereine Margaret, and Dame Joyce Boxall, DCA) will be visiting King Declan I of Moylurg. This will be the first time that the Crown Prince will be travelling abroad in the official capacity of an Ambassador. The state visit will be on the way to Sidmouth, a British town where Princess Caroline will be spending a week in exile as punishment for her role in the civil war earlier this year. Sir Terry will not be accompanying them, but instead will stay at the Imperial Residence to look after Lilly, who is now just under five weeks old.



Rose's puppy born!

On Sunday 27th, the Imperial Family said hello to Lilly, the newly born puppy of Rose (the Mascot of the Order of the Bullmastiff). Tragically, Rose turned out to only be pregnant with 4 puppies, three of which were stillborn. Nevertheless, the nation is happy that Lilly survived, and she at present is doing well.

In other news, the Emperor has created Crown Prince Jonathan and Sir Calum Jarvis a new ceremonial rank, that of Caesar.



Rose is pregnant!

Rose, the pet bullmastiff of the Imperial Family (and Mascot of the Order of the Bullmastiff) is currently pregnant with a litter of at least 6, most likely about 8, puppies. Sir Terry Austen, former Emperor, is a dog shower and breeder, and this will be the first litter of puppies produced by his "Carothan" bloodline. With such good pedigrees, the puppies are expected to fetch good prices as show dogs. A whelping box for Rose to give birth in and for the puppies to play in was set up in Parliament Hall yesterday evening, and Rose is due to give birth on Thursday the 24th, having bred in late April. If you want to find out more about the Imperial Family's bullmastiffs, please see the Carothan website.



Emperor Day

Today is the 15th birthday of HIM Emperor Esmond III, a public holiday in the Empire. Knighthoods have been awarded to those who supported the Emperor during the war, including Thomas IV of the Midget Nation-in-Exile, President Aaron Meek of Eniarku, and Wilhelm I of New Europe.

In other news, Lord John Kingsnorth has relinquished his Barony, creating his son William the 2nd Baron of South Kilttown. While this gives him a small amount of power, it is nowhere near the amount he had before the war. Also, 6 soldiers of the Austenasian Army have been disbanded in accordance with the Treaty of Ruskin Road. It is expected that more platoons will be gradually disbanded until the Armed Forces are back to a normal size.



Early Summer in Austenasia

The Emperor today announced that summer in Austenasia officially started on 29 May, the first time that this Imperial announcement has been made after the designated day. Furthermore, the Kingdom of Moylurg was granted official recognition today.

Spring 2010


Peace declared!

The Treaty of Ruskin Road was today signed by the Emperor, bringing it into force after being signed yesterday by Crown Prince Jonathan, Princess Caroline, and The Hon. William Kingsnorth.

This treaty ended the war that has ravaged Austenasia and the "MicroWiki community" for the past two and a half months, fought between supporters of the Emperor and of Princess Caroline's claim to the Throne. Under the terms of the treaty, Mr. Kingsnorth has surrendered, Princess Caroline has withdrawn her claim to the Throne, and all signatories have recognised Esmond III as the legitimate Monarch and Acts 105 and 113 as lawfully passed. As the Treaty was signed by the Prime Minister and Monarch, it has been counted as Act 120 of the Austenasian Parliament, and as such can be seen on the Acts and Laws page.

Princess Caroline has been sentenced to one week's exile, which will last from 7-14 August later this year. Mr. Kingsnorth has been granted amnesty within Austenasia for all actions commited during the war, in return for surrendering, but he will be tried by a tribunal set up by the international allies of the government.



HIM Emperor Esmond III wins referendum!

Today, the referendum organised by the terms of the Treaty of Carshalton took place. All Subjects could, and did, vote. The electorate therefore consisted of six voting-age residents and two members of the Austenasian Army that had been awarded the status of Subjects through active service in the defence of the Empire.

HIH Princess Caroline recieved two votes, and two voters chose to abstain. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor recieved four votes, 50% of the electorate and double the support of Princess Caroline. As the Emperor won the referendum, Princess Caroline is bound by the Treaty of Carshalton to withdraw her immediate claim to the Throne - Mr. Kingsnorth is bound by that same treaty to surrender to the legitimate government.

The Emperor has therefore, for all intents and purposes, won the Austenasian Civil War. The Hon. William Kingsnorth has agreed to sign a peace treaty, which will hopefully be signed in just over a week.

Long live the Emperor!



Battle of the Grove!

Senior officers have only just been informed that a battle at the Grove park occurred on Sunday, when a group of 6 foreign volunteers led by Lieutenant Sir A. Hayes, KOM, defeated roughly the same number of foreign supporters of William Kingsnorth. The supporters of the Emperor had met up for training despite some rain when they encountered a group of people that declared themselves to be supporters of the Princess. A short battle was fought (mostly using intimidation tactics, as thankfully no blood was shed) and the Esmondians expelled the Carolinians from the park, which they then declared in the name of the Emperor against any Carolinian rebels.



IGS Expedition to Sheepleas

Today, the Crown Prince led a small group of Austenasians in an IGS Expedition coinciding with a church ramble, making the overall number of participants 26. The expedition was a success, walking around the beautiful countryside and visiting an old church founded in 1030. Photographs can be seen here.



War updates

The day before yesterday, on 30 April, the Republic of Orphania declared war on the rebels. Also, William Kingsnorth is the only remaining signatory required before the Treaty enters into force, with his father Lord John having signed the Treaty yesterday. William should sign on or before the 9th, giving a week for the referendum to be prepared instead of the predicted three weeks.



Referendum proposed

The Prime Minister has written up the Treaty of Carshalton, which organises a referendum to be held on 16 May by all Subjects of the Empire to vote for who they wish to be the Monarch. Although constitutionally the Monarch is not elected, it is expected that the Emperor would abdicate if Princess Caroline recieves a significantly greater proportion of the votes, and the Crown Prince has promised that should that happen he would once again refuse the Throne so that it could pass to her.

With the referendum being planned, the Emperor has (confident of victory) announced that as there is no longer a need to ceremonially enforce the legitimacy of his lawful reign, the coronation has been cancelled for the time being. It is probable that it will take place after the war is over.

The final signatures to the Treaty should be recieved on the 26th, after which there will be just under 3 weeks to organise the referendum. The first draft of the Treaty can be read here.



Battle of Carshalton Park

Today, Crown Prince Jonathan and General Sir Ryan Dickinson, KCP, met with William Kingsnorth in Carshalton Park. He refused peace terms, insisting that he would only surrender if he was given back all titles and offices, even after starting the civil war. The Crown Prince explained how this was unacceptable, and William stole a bag of Austenasian Armed Forces equipment (toy swords, walkie-talkies etc). The bag was eventually retrieved, but William got a nosebleed, apparently from running around in the sun too much - the Crown Prince then ordered a stop to the battle, and the government forces escorted him out of the park. For more information, see this link.


Early Civil War Newsbites

13/4/2010 - Eniarku has rejoined the war - thankfully, this time they are supporting the legal Esmondian government.

11/4/2010 - The Austenasian Government has confirmed that the coronation has been postponed until an unspecified date later this month. Crown Prince Jonathan has unilaterally demanded that South Kilttown surrenders, or prepare for an attack. He later announced: "I know that a demand to surrender or face the consequences probably seems rather aggressive, and certainly not a good way to get peace. However, if this rift in the Empire is not healed soon, I doubt it ever fully will be. We need to end this war as soon as possible, even if that means a one-off aggressive attack by the Austenasian Armed Forces. South Kilttown is not prepared for a proper seige, and if we attacked within the week then I am sure that they would surrender, finally ending this darkest of periods in Austenasian history."

2/4/2010 - The Kingdom of Angador and NottaLotta Acres have both withdrawn from the war, citing a lack of communication between William and his international supporters. This has left the rebels with no international military support!

1/4/2010 - Crown Prince Jonathan has confirmed that the coronation of Esmond III is being planned for the 7th April, but may take place on the 5th, 6th, or 9th.

31/3/2010 - Kleinland has joined the war, on the Loyalist side.

20/3/2010 - The Zonian Confederacy has withdrawn from the rebels' supporters, whereas the Kingdom of Sterling has rejoined them.

19/3/2010 - The Prime Minister has recieved a message from William Kingsnorth stating that there are now 41 soldiers in his army.

18/3/2010 - The Empire of New Europe has entered the war, on the side of Esmond III and the Prime Minister! This mighty American micronation (with over 140 in their armed forces) has certainly helped to swing the diplomatic tide of the war in favour of the legitimate government, especially with their ally, the Ohio Empire, also declaring war on the rebels. HI&RM Kaiser Wilhelm I of New Europe (already a Commander of the Austenasian Order) has been appointed a Friend of the Government.

15/3/2010 - The ceasefire is over, and the Emperor has given Imperial Consent to Act 117, officially establishing the Austenasian Imperial Marine Corps.

13/3/2010 - "NottaLotta Acres" has declared war on the legitimate Government. However, both the SUNP and Neu-Karthaginia have withdrawn from the war.

12/3/2010 - The Austenasian Army has gained 3 more recruits. Crown Prince Jonathan has arranged with Lord General William to extend the ceasefire for another 48 hours - the war is now scheduled to recommence at 05:00 Monday 15th. The Austenasian Imperial Marine Corps, a successor to the now disestablished Imperial Navy, has been founded by Admiral Colonel Jack Sheridan, awaiting official establishment by Act of Parliament on Monday 15th. In other news, the Solvo Federation has withdrawn from the war.

11/3/2010 - The Univist Republican Phoenix Empire has withdrawn from the war, urging all foreign belligerents to do the same. The Empire of New Europe, meanwhile, has stated its support for the legitimate government and is at present voting on whether or not to enter the war on the Emperor's side.

10/3/2010 - The Austenasian Army continues to gain new recruits; 5 more joined today. The Kingdom of Angador and the Zonian Confederacy have both declared war upon the Empire, but there is the good news that a temporary ceasefire has been arranged, to last until 05:00 on 13 March.

GUM-mediated peace talks between the Prime Minister, Emperor, and Princess Caroline raised the suggestion of a referendum to decide the Monarch. This idea has been given serious consideration by both parties.

Also, the Solvo Federation has joined the war on the side of the legitimate government, and the Kingdom of Sterling has withdrawn from supporting the rebellion.

9/3/2010 - New recruits have swelled the size of the Austenasian Army to 19, as William announced that the size of his rebel forces had increased to 25. Ideas for uniform have been put forward by General Sir Joseph Goldie, KCP. Altogether, the Carolinian side counted 72 army members as of 18:00 GMT whereas the Esmondian side became 65 strong after the URPE (supporting Austenasia) called upon its Imperial Army Reservists.

With various nations (some unrecognised) having involved themselves, the situation is at present thus: the Empire of Austenasia, Midget Nation-in-Exile, and Univist Republican Phoenix Empire are at war with South Kilttown, the SUNP, "Neu-Karthaginia" and "the Kingdom of Sterling".

8/3/2010 - The Emperor has signed into law Act 116, removing all Austenasian offices and titles of Lord General William. Crown Prince Jonathan has been made Minister of Defence, and a recruitment drive has swelled the ranks of the Austenasian Army to 11, the new recruits being under the command of General Sir Joseph Goldie, KCP. South Kilttown has been placed under martial law, but even so have published their own website, which can be seen here

Foreign support continues to grow for each side, with the SUNP and Eniarku (the latter of which withdrew later in the evening) now having declared war on the Empire, and the "Midget Nation-in-Exile" having declared war on William's forces, which intelligence suggests number at least 15 soldiers. The Crown Prince attempted to negotiate with William, but called off plans for a peace treaty after discovering that the former Deputy PM was attempting to make Princess Caroline attack her brother, using her house arrest to his advantage.



Civil War declared!

Today is the darkest day yet in Austenasian history. A conference held to try and reach a compromise regarding Princess Caroline's claim to the Throne ended in disaster when Lord General William let slip on tape that he is against Emperor Esmond being on the Throne. He attempted to forcibly sieze the tape, and Crown Prince Jonathan removed him from his position of Chief Inspector of Police. Hostility grew between the Crown Prince and Princess Caroline, until she was eventually arrested for high treason by the Crown Prince after stating that she would actively advance her claim to the Throne.

Lord General William then declared civil war on the government of Esmond III and Crown Prince Jonathan. The Crown Prince attempted to arrest Lord General William for rebellion and high treason (automatically removing him from the position of Representative of South Kilttown) but he escaped back to Kingsnorth Manor. Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline went back to the Imperial Residence, where the Princess is currently under low-security house arrest.

Despite Princess Caroline recieving foreign support, a peaceful compromise has not been ruled out by the Prime Minister, but no official statement will be made until tomorrow afternoon after the Emperor meets with the Prime Minister.



Princess Caroline disputes Throne!

HIH Princess Caroline has formally issued a claim to the Throne, stating that Emperor Esmond III should not have been placed before her in the Line of Succession without her consent. As she is merely disputing the legality of the Emperor's accession to the Throne, and not at present actively attempting to remove him from power, it has been decided by the Prime Minister, Crown Prince Jonathan, that she is not committing High Treason (as defined under Act 39).

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, Lord General William and Princess Caroline will be meeting on Sunday to try and arrange a compromise. The Prime Minister has stated: "His Imperial Majesty Emperor Esmond III is still, and will remain, in power. Princess Caroline has no chance of overthrowing him and while I urge her to withdraw her claim to the throne, I respect her motive and hope that the meeting on Sunday will bring a peaceful end to this potentially volatile situation."

In other news, HIM Emperor Esmond III yesterday stated that today would be the first day of Spring 2010 in the Austenasian calender.

Winter, Early 2010


Abdication of Terry I!

HIM Emperor Terry I has abdicated the Austenasian Throne. The Emperor announced this yesterday following a small argument, and although tempers were running high and the announcement was on the spur of the moment, an abdication is irreversible. The Throne passed to HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, but he refused it so that he could remain Prime Minister.

The Throne thus passed to Dark Lord Esmond, the Crown Prince's Supreme Companion. Dark Lord Esmond was made 2nd in line to the Throne as a symbolic gesture - this has turned out to have practical results, as the Supreme Companion is now HIM Emperor Esmond III!

In the interests of keeping the Monarchy stable, the Line of Succession has been kept the same and all those in it have kept their titles, despite now having no relation to the Monarch. Therefore, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan is still 1st in line to the Throne, and HIH Princess Caroline is now 2nd in line.

The former Emperor Terry I has lost all Austenasian titles by abdicating the Throne, and so is now known as Sir Terry Austen in respect to his sole foreign title - Knight Grand Commander of the Holy Military Order of St. Polycarpus, given by the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis in July last year.

HIH Empress Margaret, now no longer the wife of a Monarch, has the title of Vycereine, referring to her leadership of the Slinky Empyre's Tyncomarus Department. HIH Emperor Mother Bette has been made a Dame of Honour, so she has not been left title-less either.

A Prime Minister's Broadcast will soon be uploaded to Austenasia's YouTube channel further explaining the current situation. 



Tincomarus Department founded

In August last year, a small piece of land in the alleyway adjoining the capital of Wrythe was annexed by the Austenasian Army and named Commius Flats. This morning, half of that land was officially given to our good friends from the Slinky Empyre and renamed Tincomarus (Slin-English: Tyncomarus) Department after King Tincomarus, son of the namesake of Commius Flats. HIH Empress Margaret has been named Vycereine of Tincomarus Department, meaning that although under the sovereignty of the Slinky Empyre the land will still be governed by an Austenasian.



Haiti earthquake donation made

On Tuesday 12th January, a magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake hit the Caribbean country of Haiti. The earthquake caused significant damage to the capital, Port-au-Prince, and numerous other settlements. Many notable landmarks and buildings have been badly damaged or destroyed, incuding the Presidential Palace, National Assembly building, Port-au-Prince Cathedral and the main jail. The headquarters of the UN's Stabilization Mission in Haiti also collapsed killing many, including the Mission's Chief, Hédi Annabi.

Over 150,000 have been confirmed dead, and although international aid is arriving it is difficult to provide for all of the survivors - 50,000 more are estimated to die from the after-effects of the earthquake. The Austenasian Government is pleased to announce that it has made a £12 donation towards the international relief workers, and urges all viewers of this website to make a donation if possible in light of the disaster - please visit the website of your local Red Cross/Crescent Organisation to find out how.

In other news, the Empire of Austenasia now recognises the Kingdom of Radnoria and the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia as sovereign states.



More snow

Yet more snow fell last night, settling on the slush and ice left from last week's snowfall in the freezing temperatures. Roughly 5 centimetres of snow has fallen, but UK public transport systems were not badly affected.



Massive snowfall hits Austenasia!

At roughly 22:00 last night, snow began to fall over Austenasia. By sunrise this morning, the country was covered in deep snow, much more than the amounts that fell on the 16th, 18th, and 21st of December 2009 combined! While the snow does not come close to rivalling the Great Snow of 2009, some areas of the United Kingdom have today had their heaviest snowfall in 30 years.

Although the London bus system was still running and the UK Goverment made sure that the roads surrounding the Empire were salted and gritted (unlike in the Great Snow of 2009), most local schools were closed today, meaning that Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline stayed at the Imperial Residence today along with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor (HIH Empress Margaret managed to get to her workplace today despite the snow). Emperor Terry and Crown Prince Jonathan went to Limes Avenue Rec along with the Imperial Family's pet bullmastiff Rose to play in the snow. After meeting lots of other dogs there, they went back across the border into Wrythe, where Princess Caroline joined them in building a snowman in Wrythe Public Park.

The current depth of the snow (as of 16:14) is 3.5 inches.



New Decade dawns - Local Elections held!

Happy New Year! This morning, elections were held in every Town (except Glencrannog) to elect the Town's Representative for 2010. Only HIH Crown Prince Jonathan stood for election in Wrythe, and only Lord General William stood for election in South Kilttown. Therefore, they have been elected their Town's Representatives.

It may seem undemocratic that there was only one candidate for each election, but voting is non-compulsory, and every voter had the option to abstain. All subjects voted, and only one chose to abstain, meaning that the results of this election do reflect the opinion of the public.