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Winter 2009

Christmas Newsbites

24/12/2009 - The Imperial Family today visited HIH Emperor Mother Bette to wish her a Happy Christmas for tomorrow, and afterwards Empress Margaret and Crown Prince Jonathan attended Midnight Communion at Carshalton Methodist Church. In other news, the second Prime Minister's Broadcast was released yesterday and can be seen here.

25/12/2009 - Merry Christmas! The entire population of the Empire attended the Christmas service at Carshalton Methodist Church this morning, and afterwards the Imperial Family visited Lord Michael's (Empress Margaret's brother) house for Christmas Day. In other news, the Imperial Residence now has a Nintendo Wii, a Christmas present from the Emperor to his family!

26/12/2009 - The Imperial Family celebrated Boxing Day today by inviting Dame Joyce Boxall, DCA (the Empress's mother) for lunch, like last year. In other news, the Imperial Residence's Nintendo Wii has now been successfully set up.


December Newsbites

15/12/2009 - The Imperial Residence's Christmas Tree went up this afternoon in its traditional spot in Parliament Hall. The rest of the Imperial Residence will have finished being decorated for Christmas by the end of the week.

16/12/2009 - Snow fell on Austenasia today for the first time since the Great Snow in February. Although the snow that fell today was quite heavy, hardly any laid on the ground and had all been washed away by sleet and rain by the evening.

17/12/2009 - The Emperor, Prime Minister, and Princess Caroline today visited the Emperor Mother in her Coulsdon nursing home for the annual Christmas party held there. A good time was had by all, and by the time they returned home there was news that a UK Met Office Warning had been issued for heavy snow falling over the night and tomorrow morning. While the amount of snow expected to fall is much less than the February snowfall earlier this year, the United Kingdom is preparing for the snow by gritting roads (unlike in February). It is therefore unlikely that the Imperial Family will be snowed in.

18/12/2009 - An inch of snow has fallen on the Empire of Austenasia - not the "heavy snowfall" promised by the UK weather forecasters! As such, Princess Caroline has still gone into her last day of the winter term at school and Empress Margaret has still gone into work (the Crown Prince has already broken up for the Christmas holidays).



Winter begins

HIM Emperor Terry I has decreed that the winter of 2009 has officially started today.

In other news, some new knighthoods have recently been bestowed - see the Honours page for more information.

Autumn 2009


Treaty signed with the Principality of Vikesland

Yesterday at 18:04 GMT time, a Treaty of Mutual Recognition from the Principality of Vikesland was signed by Emperor Terry and Crown Prince Jonathan. Two copies of the Treaty had been mailed from North America, and were already signed by HRM Prince Christopher I of Vikesland. The second copy, having recieved its Austenasian signatures, is presently being sent back to Vikesland so that they may also have a copy of the Treaty.

The Principality of Vikesland is a constitutional monarchy of over 168 acres, mostly near Manitoba, Canada. It was founded by Prince Christopher (a descendant of 14th/15th century French nobility) in 2005, and was the first "micronation" to send its flag into space, in August 2008.

By the terms of the Treaty, Austenasia and Vikesland among other things both extend formal recognition to each other, promise not to go to war either against each other or the other country's allies, and grant diplomatic immunity to each other's government representatives in the case of a future state visit.

A short video of the Emperor and Prime Minister signing the Treaty can be seen here.



Crown Prince appoints Supreme Companion

Today, Crown Prince Jonathan appointed his Supreme Companion - a post not yet officially in existence. Dark Lord Esmond, 2nd Duke of Highland, SCH, is now 2nd in line to the Throne for as long as he has the title of Supreme Companion to the Heir. The Crown Prince has issued this statement: "I am not breaking my own rules. As Founder, I do have a certain amount of control over the Line of Succession, although I must stress that all of this is not yet offical, but hopefully will be after the upcoming Parliament meeting. Watch this space."



New Acts of Parliament passed - Armed forces enlarged!

Three new Acts of Parliament have been passed today. The first two have founded the Imperial Air Force (IAF) and Imperial Navy. While we have no aircraft or vessels yet, the Ministry of Defence is raising funds to buy some planes (which will probably be remote-controlled) and ships (which will probably be inflatable). The Crown Prince has been appointed Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Navy, and the Duke of Royton has been appointed the Air Marshal of the IAF.

The third Act passed gave recognition to several non-UN Member States, including Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Somaliland, as well as extending formal recognition to our good friends from Eniarku, the Slinky Empyre, Patetopia and St. Charlie (which we have de facto recognised for some time).

In other news, the Empire of Austenasia has today become a member state of Grand Unified Micronational, an organisation for small nations which is similar to the UN. Also, the Emperor made Kyng Fyrst of the Slinky Empyre a Knight of Molossers on 5th October in recognition of his friendship towards the Empire.



Austenasia featured in Italian newspaper

The Empire of Austenasia has been featured the Italian press! The newspaper City included the Empire in an article about small nations, along with others such as Sealand and our good friends from the Republic of Molossia.

Only one sentence was written about Austenasia, but there were also two photographs included, one of HIH Crown Prince Jonathan and one of Wrythe Public Park.

Roughly translated, the piece read: "Many micronations offer the chance to become citizens: the Empire of Austenasia, which was founded by young Jonathan Austen in 2008 and consisted of the house where he lives and little else, offers the chance to be knighted by purchasing a piece of land" (referring to the Baronetcies).

This is only the second time that our fledgling country has been featured in a newspaper (the first being earlier this year when an article was written about us in the Sutton Guardian). The Crown Prince said: "we are honoured to have been featured in a newspaper article along with such internationally renowned small nations as Molossia and the Principality of Sealand. This certainly shows that we are moving up in the "micronational world"! Next step - get on television!"



Independence Day!

Today, the Empire of Austenasia is one year old! Well, nearly. Independence Day is to be celebrated on the nearest Saturday to 20th September, so tommorow is when the actual anniversary of the Founding will be. Nevertheless, today is when the celebrations are held! Amnesties have been granted, diplomatic letters of friendship are to be sent, and tommorow has been made a public holiday (for this year only) as well!

Happy Independence Day!



Autumn begins

HIM Emperor Terry I has decreed that today was the first day of Autumn 2009! Summer may be over, but the Imperial Family is looking forward to what the rest of the year may bring. In other news, the Emperor yesterday gave Imperial Consent to Acts 96 and 97, both of which can be seen on the laws page.


Summer 2009


Early September Newsbites

Sunday 6th - The Empress, Crown Prince, and Princess Caroline today joined the residents of South Kilttown in the Three Churches Picnic held at Carshalton Park between three local churches. An abandoned structure was found by the Austenasians, and the 1st Royton Regiment established a temporary base there to ensure the security of the picnicers. Named Ruskin Base after a nearby main road, it was not claimed as Austenasian but merely used as a lookout post. In other news, the first half of Cool Barbie IV has today been published, and can be seen here.

Monday 7th - Today is the first day back at school for HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, who is starting Year 10 at Stanley Park High School. HIH Princess Caroline is today starting her first full week at Carshalton High School for Girls. In other news, Part 2 of Cool Barbie IV has today been published, and can be seen here.




At sometime between 5:02 and 5:20 this afternoon, an explosion occurred at St Helier Hospital (unconfirmed reports say there were two), roughly half a mile away from Wrythe and 1.2 miles away from South Kilttown. An ambulance reportedly caught fire at 5:02pm, and an explosion soon followed, caused by either the oxygen cylinders or the petrol tank. An eyewitness told our ATP reporters that a second ambulance caught fire, but it is unclear whether this caused the rumoured second explosion or whether it was extinguished in time. A large area has been cordoned off around the hospital by the police. Firefighters fought the blaze amid concerns superheated gas cylinders could explode, but there is no threat to any Austenasian property.

Nobody was seriously injured, but some of the hospital windows were blown out. UK police have confirmed that they evacuated about 80 patients and staff from areas of the hospital near to the fire. Local residents said that they heard a loud explosion followed by plumes of black smoke - Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline went to investigate the incident and filmed a news report for the ATP, the two parts of which can be seen here and here. Alternatively, click here for the UK news coverage.

In other news, the IGS yesterday conducted their second expedition. It was to the Silent Pool, a beauty spot in Surrey. Photographs of the IGS Expedition can be seen here. A video and full report of the expedition will be uploaded soon.




Invasion of Commius Flats!

At 15:30 this afternoon, the Austenasian Army launched its first invasion! The 1st Wrythe Heavy Infantry Platoon, led by the Crown Prince himself, launched a daring attack on a small area of cement and gravel directly north-east of the north-eastern border. There was no resistance, and so thankfully no conflict whatsoever. The area has been named Commius Flats after King Commius of the Atrebatia, the first leader known to rule over the land now known as Austenasia. Commius Flats is now part of Wrythe, and will be made State Property, for the use of the Ministry of Defence. The Duke of Royton will be made Steward of this land in an Act of Annexation to be passed tommorrow, which will make Commius Flats offically part of the Empire.

On the map above, Commius Flats is shown in yellow whereas the rest of Wrythe is shown in red. The Prime Minister has pointed out, however, that Commius Flats has always been part of the Empire. The 2008 Declaration of Independence stated that the residence of 312 Green Wrythe Lane has become the Empire of Austenasia, and Commius Flats was legally part of that property at that time - as you can see from the map above, the area is not part of the public alleyway, but juts out of it like the similar piece of land directly south-south-east of it. Thus, the annexation cannot really be called an invasion, but rather a reassertion of our de jure sovereignty.



Imperial Family returns from holiday

This afternoon, the Imperial Family returned from their first holiday since the Empire's independence. Dame Joyce Boxall, DCA, (Empress Margaret's mother) joined them as they stayed a week at Bussels Farm, in Exe Vally in the British county of Devon. While there, they went to various beaches, saw the wonderful scenery of Dartmoor and visited a lot of rural villages. Emperor Terry spent some time fishing in the nearby lakes, and caught an 18 pound carp, two 12 pound carps and a pike. There were chickens, horses and alpacas (related to llamas) at the farm, which the Family all agreed was a brilliant place for them to have spent their holiday.

Photographs of the holiday can be seen here.



Early August Newsbites

Saturday 1st - Today, the Imperial Family threw a party to celebrate summer! Nine guests came to the Imperial Residence, and a good time was had by all!

Monday 3rd - Emperor Terry has been growing some potatoes in Wrythe Public Park, and today they were harvested by himself and the Crown Prince. While Austenasia is far from self-sufficient, little things like growing our own food go one step towards decreasing our reliance on the neighbouring United Kingdom.

Tuesday 5th - HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has dedicated an oak sapling in Wrythe Public Park, and made it part of the Empire's activities for the ImEY. Trees provide food and shelter for insects and birds, and remove carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere.



Remembrance declared for WW1 veterans

It is with great sadness that the Imperial Family found out about the death of Harry Patch, who died yesterday at age 111. He was the last surviving British soldier who fought in the trenches during the First World War, and fought in the 1917 Battle of Passchendaele. This tragic news comes only a week after the death of Henry Allingham, the world's oldest man and sole survivor of the 1916 Battle of Jutland, who died aged 113. In the United Kingdom, the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, said that Mr. Patch "was the last of a generation that in youth was steadfast in its duty in the face of cruel sacrifice and we give thanks for his life - as well as those of his comrades - for upholding the same values and freedom that we continue to cherish and fight for today."

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has called for a state of remembrance to be held until the end of the month to show respect to both of these "incredible people, the sacrifices they made and the great duty that they performed for their country. However, we should not only remember them - we must also remember the other soldiers of the Great War, the millions who died in the trenches, because as Mr. Allingham said, "those men must not be forgotten ever. They sacrificed everything on my behalf, and on your behalf as well.""



List of Friends and Enemies compiled

An official list of Austenasia's Friends and Enemies has been put together by the Cabinet. The list of Friends is for any person who has helped Austenasia, its Government and People, while the list of Enemies is for any person who has threatened them.



Taigh a Bata recognised!

This morning, the Austenasian Parliament passed an Act officially recognising Taigh a Bata as a sovereign nation independent from the UK. The Republic of Taigh a Bata says that they have been inspired by us, and we look forward to long friendly relations between our two countries. Taigh a Bata's website can be found here.

In other news, an Act has been passed concerning laws on property - there are now officially four types; Crown, State, public and private property.



Daah passes away

Today, at 6:45pm, Daah the Orfe was found dead in his waterbutt. Within an hour, all members of the Imperial Family had been informed of the tragic news and Daah had been buried in Wrythe Pet Cemetary.

Daah arrived at the Imperial Residence in July last summer (while we were still part of the UK), to help replace the goldfish that were rapidly dying from the heat and/or old age, some of them having been taken back from the home of the Emperor's late father and quite a few years old already. However, the goldfish continued to die and by the middle of August, Daah was the only fish left. Being an Orfe/Ide, a predatory fish, he was naturally more aggressive than the goldfish and probably sped up their demise by eating most of their food. He was kept inside the house until after the Great Snow of February this year, when he was moved outside into the waterbutt to save room indoors and give him more space to swim around in. He survived happily in there on fish food and small worms until found dead today.

The Imperial Family has seen a long line of fish come and go - Sven, Lovehearty, Katy, Sven II, Lovehearty II, Flower, Woo-Woo and Daah. There has not been a time in the past nine years when at least one of those fish was not alive, but with the death of Daah it is the end of an era. Rest In Peace, Daah.



Line of Succession changed

The line of succession to the Throne of Austenasia has today been changed, making it more similar to that of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Realms. Amongst the changes, HIH Empress Margaret has gone from 13th in line to 12th, and the Emperor and Empress's mothers have both been cut out. All in all, the official line of succession has gone from 23 to 16 people.

All those in the new line of succession who do not have the pre-nominals of HIH have now got the title of Lord or Lady, but as they are not nobility there is no place name attached - they are known as Lords/Ladies Imperial. Go to the Imperial Family page for more information.

In other news, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan recently knighted two of his close friends into the Order of the Crown Prince - George Curtis and Ryan Dickinson (who is also the Crown Prince's part-time personal bodyguard) have both been given KCPs. See the Honours page for more information.



Baronetcies for sale!

Ever wanted to become a noble? Now you can! Today, the Parliament of Austenasia passed an Act authorising the sale of pieces of the Empire (for only 2 each!), the buyers of which will get the title Sir/Dame Forename Surname, 1st Bt./Btss.. The first pieces of land being sold will be square feet of Wrythe Public Park, conveniently marked out by patio stones.

To find out more, or to make the most of this bargain while the price is still cheap, see the Baronetcies page.



Summer starts - Princess Caroline tried for treason!

Today, HIH Princess Caroline was tried by Parliament on numerous charges for crimes she commited during the Skirmish of the Treasury. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit assault and to attempted assault, as well as armed robbery. For this, she will make a public apology and do many community services. She pleaded innocent to treason, saying that she did not organise the attack and she originally took part in it out of duress. As she could not be proved to be lying she was found innocent of treason.

Princess Caroline was also charged with two counts of high treason - she reportedly attacked the Emperor and Crown Prince during the skirmish with "chemical weapons". She pleaded innocent to both these charges, and as there was a lack of evidence she was found innocent of high treason.

In other news, HIM Emperor Terry I has decreed that the summer of 2009 has officially started on this day! With heatwaves expected, Wrythe Public Park is already storing water for the sunny weather ahead.

Spring 2009


Austenasian Army in skirmish!

Today, HIH Princess Caroline invited several friends to Wrythe to celebrate her 11th birthday. However, once they entered the Imperial Residence, they attacked the Prime Minister's Office (where the Crown Jewels and Treasury are kept) with Princess Caroline helping them! Luckily, Lord General William had also been invited and he helped HIH Crown Prince Jonathan to successfully repel the attack. 82p was stolen from the Treasury during the conflict, but with the help of Emperor Terry himself it was retrieved. The attackers eventually left after their defeat. HIH Princess Caroline has been arrested and is awaiting trial for her actions.



Austenasian Army founded and Intermicronational Environmental Year started!

Today, Parliament founded the Ministry of Defence, to defend Austenasia and it's people. The Ministry of Defence runs the Austenasian Army and is headed by the Minister of Defence: Lord William, Duke of Royton. The Austenasian Army itself is run by the Field Marshal, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan. While there are only two people in the Army, and we have nowhere near the amount of firepower the United Kingdom does, the Austenasian Government is confident that the Army will be able to supress rebellion and repel small-scale raids or invasions, possibly with the help of mercenaries hired from outside the Empire.

The Ministry of Defence has started Operation Fulcio, to strengthen the borders of Austenasia and train the Army. You can see the Ministry of Defence's website here.

In other news, the Intermicronational Environmental Year (or ImEY) started today. The ImEY is an international event jointly organised by Austenasia and the Republic of Molossia. It aims to encourage the governments of small nations to take part in activities to help the environment, and report back on them (preferably with photographs) to or For more information on the ImEY, see its page on the Molossian website -, or the list of Austenasian activities for the ImEY.  



Coronation of the Emperor!

This afternoon, the Founder - HIH Crown Prince Jonathan - crowned HIM Emperor Terry I as ruler of Austenasia. His Imperial Majesty, wearing specially-ordered Coronation robes and holding the Imperial Sceptre, swore an oath to rule wisely, protect Austenasia and abide by and enforce it's laws, before the Crown was placed on his head by the Crown Prince. A video can be seen of the Coronation here.

In other news, the Order of the Bullmastiff's Mascot, Rose, has qualified for Crufts 2010!



Emperor Day

Happy Emperor Day, residents of the Empire, and happy birthday to the Emperor himself! Today is the 48th birthday of HIM Emperor Terry I. Although the Coronation was planned for today, it turned out that Emperor Terry had already arranged to go to a dog show in Edinburgh, UK, to show Rose and Edd. Therefore, the Coronation was rescheduled to 20th May.

In other news, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has knighted an old friend of his, Thomas Carter, a Knight in the Order of the Crown Prince, and also made him a Detective Inspector in the Austenasian Police - he is now DI Sir Thomas Carter, KCP.



IGS Expedition to south of Bletchingley

Yesterday, the Imperial Geographical Society (IGS) undertook it's first expedition since it's founding! HIH Crown Prince Jonathan led the Austenasian expedition, whose members were HIH Princess Caroline, HIH Princess Consort Margaret and some Austenasian nobility and knights. By pure coincedence, there was a British church ramble on the same day, setting off at the exact same time and taking exactly the same route, so the Austenasians weren't alone. The Expedition took place around the south of a village called Bletchingley (no, we hadn't heard of it either), and was mostly around farmland and small woods. For more on the expedition, see the IGS webpage



South Kilttown joins Austenasia!

At 7:15 GMT this morning, the Annexation Treaty signed on 22nd March came into force, and South Kilttown became part of the Empire of Austenasia, as Parliament passed an Act officially annexing it. Lord William Kingsnorth, Duke of Royton, will be South Kilttown's Acting Representative until an election is held on 1st January. The Baron of South Kilttown is Lord John Kingsnorth, William's father. It has been decided that the subjects of South Kilttown will not pay taxes, although their Town Council will therefore not recieve tax grants and neither will any ministry ran by Lord William, who, because is now a Representative, means that at Parliament meetings HIH Crown Prince Jonathan will not be the only partaker, meaning that there will actually be voting on the laws passed.

Lord William has also been proclaimed Deputy Prime Minister, to take over if the Crown Prince can't fulfill his duties as Prime Minister, as Ambassador to all countries not listed in Act 42, and as Chief Inspector, replacing the Crown Prince and earning a KCA at the same time.

In other news, A. Kember and S. Moumin were dishonourably stripped of their knighthoods in the Order of the Crown Prince this afternoon by HIH Crown Prince Jonathan for numerous reasons.



Austenasia celebrates Easter

Happy Easter everyone! The Imperial Family celebrated Easter Sunday with an Easter breakfast with the soon-to-be Subjects of South Kilttown and some other friends, and after that Dame Joyce Boxall (mother-in-law of Emperor Terry) visited the Imperial Residence for lunch. On Easter Monday, the Imperial Family (including the Emperor's sisters and their husbands) went out to lunch with HIH Emperor Mother Bette to celebrate her 83rd birthday, and a good time was had by all.

In other news, on Saturday an act was passed by Parliament giving titles to more relatives of the Emperor, and the ATP have announced that Cool Barbie III will be published tomorrow.



National Anthem written!

The Empire of Austenasia now has a national anthem - God save the Emperor - which was written by HIH Crown Prince Jonathan and based on God save the Queen. You can listen to it here.

In other news, a law was passed today making clear the powers that Town Councils have, and yesterday a friend of HIH the Crown Prince, C. Hacket, was knighted into his Order.



Austenasia partakes in Earth Hour

Yesterday evening, between 8:30 and 9:30pm, the entire Empire switched off all electricity for one hour, as part of WWF's Earth Hour 2009. Hundreds of millions of people around the world switched their lights off for one hour to show global leaders they want strong action to tackle climate change. The London Eye, Sydney Opera House and Eiffel Tower all went dark during Earth Hour, as well as many other landmarks, company buildings, and almost a billion homes. The Empire of Austenasia is pleased to have taken part in this event, showing the world that we care about energy consumption and are willing to do something about it.

In other news, Sir William Kingsnorth, KOR, CAO, DSC (the future Representative of South Kilttown) has become the Duke of Royton, as HIH the Princess Consort gave up her title of Duchess of Royton last night. Also, an Act of Parliament was yesterday passed placing restrictions on importing dangerous animals, just in case anyone felt like getting a pet Siberian tiger.



Annexation Treaty signed!

This morning, Sir William and his parents signed the Treaty of Annexation, along with Crown Prince Jonathan. HIM Emperor Terry I didn't attend the ceremony but signed the Treaty beforehand. John and Caroline (Sir William's parents) were both given OAOs, Sir William a DSC and Crown Prince Jonathan a GS. John Kingsnorth, OAO, did not sign as he had a change of heart at the last minute and decided that he was uncomfortable with the idea of treaty-signing (although he still agreed to the annexation verbally), but as the majority of South Kilttown did sign, including the land-owner, the Treaty is valid and South Kilttown will become a town in the Empire of Austenasia on 25th April.

In other news, a time capsule was yesterday buried in Wrythe Public Park, containing amongst other things coins, photographs and a cassette recording of the Imperial Family's messages to the future.



Austenasia to gain new territory!

Sir William Kingsnorth, KOR, CAO is a good friend of HIH Crown Prince and of the nation, and yesterday he expressed his wishes for his house to leave the UK and instead come under Austenasian sovereignty. HIH the Crown Prince agreed to this, and preliminary talks have revealed that the owners of the land, his parents, have no objections to the annexation. A new residence joining the Empire will increase the population to 7 and just about double our territory. A treaty officially annexing "South Kilttown", as the new land will be known, will be signed tomorrow. HIM Emperor Terry I has announced that he will grant Sir William with a Distinguished Service Cross and HIH Crown Prince Jonathan with a Government Star tomorrow, and that Sir William's parents will both recieve OAOs (Officer of the Austenasian Order).

In other news, the Allens, some old friends of the Imperial Family, have been knighted into the Glorious Order of St. John and the Order of the Bullmastiff (see the Honours page). Also, Sir Timothy Boxall, KOM (who is 19th in line to the Throne and featured in the recent ATP release Cool Barbie I) has been knighted a Squire of the Crown Prince.



National animals named and patron saint proclaimed

The Parliament of Austenasia today named the bullmastiff, the red deer, the common frog, the robin and the Spinosaurus as national animals of Austenasia in an Act also proclaiming St. John the Apostle as the Empire's patron saint, and red and yellow to be our national colours. HIH the Crown Prince had to give the bullmastiff an extra Latin name, bovisdougeis, to distinguish it from other breeds of dogs with which genetically it is almost identical. As Austenasia now has a patron saint, the 27th of December, St. John's Day, is now a Public Holiday.

Fom now on, although a meeting of Parliament will still be held nearly every Saturday, the laws passed will not be published in the news unless they are very important.



ATP publishes new film

Austenasian Television Productions (ATP) have published a new film (which can be seen here). Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky, is the first in a sci-fi series about a world of aliens and living toys, which has been described as "alright" and "not too bad".

In other news, HIH the Crown Prince has knighted A. Kember a Dame Companion in his Order.



New dog arrives in Austenasia!

The Empire of Austenasia has a new four-legged resident! The Imperial Family's new bullmastiff puppy, Edd arrived at about 8:30 this evening and right now is exploring his new home! See here for pictures of the new arrival, or here to see a video of him.

In other news, Sir W. Kingsnorth, KOR, CAO, KCCP, has voluntarily relinquished the last of his three knighthoods on the basis that it's made his name too long. Fair enough.



Ministry of the Environment founded

This afternoon, Parliament founded the Ministry of the Environment to protect, research and conserve our natural surroundings. The Imperial Geographical Society has also been founded as a branch of this new ministry to explore the natural world and share it's wonders with us all. HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, the newly appointed Minister for the Environment, said that "the environment is the most important thing on Earth - indeed, it is the Earth, and so in this modern age with our technology to destroy it, we must set an example to others and try to save it while we still can so that it can continue to sustain life."



Spring begins in Austenasia

HIM the Emperor has decreed that the Spring of 2009 has officially started today. In other news, the Wrythe Pet Cemetary has been repaired - the gravestones for our dear departed pets had been literally falling apart, but the decorations have now been restored and the headstones cleaned and reinscribed.

Winter, Early 2009


Austenasia gains new land!

The Empire of Austenasia has annexed a piece of land in the Scottish Highlands! Plot 872 of the Glencrannog Estate in Argyll was bought online by HIH Crown Prince Jonathan in October of last year, and today he granted the land to the Government of Austenasia. The land has now become a new town, and so a new province, duchy and region have been founded in which to have the "town" in. However, since the land is only one square foot and has a population of zero, it will have no Member of Cabinet or Town Council.

In other news, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been renamed the Foreign Office, and Austenasia now recognises the Principality of Sealand as a sovereign state.



Titles of Imperial Family shortened

In an awkward meeting of Parliament today (the Crown Prince is doing a sponsored silence for charity and so couldn't speak, but had to gesture and mime), it has been decreed that from now on no member of the Imperial Family can have the titles of Sir, Lady, Lord or Dame in their title, although they can still be awarded knighthoods and become nobility. Likewise, all initials at the end of their names have been removed.



Knighthoods awarded - titles need shortening!

HIH the Princess Consort has been knighted a Dame of Grace into the Glorious Order of St. John and a Dame Protector of the Crown Prince. Meanwhile, HIH Princess Caroline has also been made a Dame Protector. As the titles of the members of the Imperial Family are now getting incredibly long it has been decided by the Prime Minister that at the next meeting of Parliament a law will be passed regarding how to set out a title.



Coronation rescheduled

The planned coronation of HIM Emperor Terry I, due to take place on Emperor Day (16th May) has had to be rescheduled to 20th May instead.

In other news, the snow has all but melted, with under two inch of ice and slush remaining, but with roads still quite slippery! Also, His Excellency President Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia has been knighted a Knight Commander of the Austenasian Order (KCA) for great work towards his own nation and actually being the one to inspire the Crown Prince to found Austenasia.



Austenasia recovering after heavy snowfall - HIH the Crown Prince involved in combat!

The snow which fell yesterday has stopped, seemingly for good. As there are still undesirable travelling conditions the schools are still closed, although as some bus routes are now operating the Princess Consort has gone into work. The snow is slowly but surely melting, with a depth of 3-4 inches being measured in Wrythe Public Park. This morning, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan went to Beddington Park across the border in the United Kingdom with some friends and reported that in some places the snow measured almost 6 inches deep. He and his entourage came under attack by some British teenagers, but the Crown Prince saved the day, fending off what was certainly an assasination attempt with snowballs. After that skirmish, the first fighting done by a Briton against an Austenasian, the Crown Prince and his companions decided to leave the park to avoid any further snow combat.

In other news, S. Moumin has been knighted a Knight of the Order of the Crown Prince (KCP).



Snow continues to fall

As British public transport systems have been suspended and the schools attended by the Crown Prince and Princess Caroline have been closed because of the heavy snow, the Imperial Family stayed at home for most of today. They did cross the border and travel into Morden, but generally the roads were too slippery to do much driving. The snow was nearly 11 inches deep when it finally stopped snowing at about 6:00pm.



Snow falls on the Empire

Austenasia has been hit by a huge snow storm! The snow is about 3 inches thick and continues to fall.

In other news, Sir William Kingsnorth, KOR, CAO has been knighted a Knight Companion and Miss P. Lewis has been knighted a Dame of the Order of the Crown Prince.



Country "divided" into provinces, duchies and regions!

In a meeting of Parliament this morning, a law was passed placing the town of Wrythe into the province of Greater Wrythe, that into the duchy of Royton, which is in the region of Inner Austenasia. Of course, with the entire country being only one building all of these new "divisions" havn't actually made any new borders in the Empire at all, as they are all the same piece of land. Even so, nobility has been appointed to symbolically own the "different" areas of land - the Emperor is Archduke of Inner Austenasia, the Princess Consort is Duchess of Royton, the Crown Prince is Count of Greater Wrythe and Princess Caroline is Baroness of Wrythe. Nobility don't actually have any part in Government yet, however.

In other news, following a declaration of war from Flandrensis against Westarctica, Act 55 has been passed, stating where Austenasia stands on the "who owns Antarctica" issue. Also, two new Orders of Chivalry have been founded - the Glorious Order of St. John, which is above even the Order of the Bullmastiff, and the Order of the Crown Prince, which is below the Austenasian Order. Unlike the other three orders of chivalry, only the Crown Prince can knight people into the latter of the new Orders, and not the Emperor.

The Crown Prince has been made a Knight Companion and Princess Caroline has been made a Dame of Honour, both into the Glorious Order of St. John.



Two more Acts of Parliament passed

Imperial Consent has been given to two new Acts today. The first has made it illegal to disclose any classified information (our version of the Official Secrets Act) and the second means that Emergency Contingency Plans are now being written up so that the Government will immediately know what to do during an emergency.



Empire of Austenasia featured in local press!

An article on the Empire of Austenasia has been written in the Sutton Guardian! A photographer visited us on Tuesday to take the photo. The Sutton Guardian is read by hundreds of people, and this has brought us one step closer to recognition from the United Kingdom. You can read the article online, by following this link.



New Acts of Parliament passed - Ministry of Residents renamed.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has given Imperial Consent to three new Acts of Parliament today. The first has established a system by which the Emperor, Crown Prince and Princess Consort can make organisations and companies that they like By Imperial Appointment. The second act has renamed the Ministry of Residents and Immigration the Home Office, as well as thoroughly reorganising the Austenasian Police. The third act has changed the order of who inherits the throne first, as well as a few other laws concerning the Emperor.



New members of the Order of the Bullmastiff!

Five more people have been knighted into the Order of the Bullmastiff. Joseph Francis, MAO and W. Kingsnorth, CAO have both been made Knights of Rose. A Knight and Dame of Molossers as well as a Dame of Rose have also been made.



Five new laws passed

In a meeting of Parliament today, 5 new acts were passed by the Emperor. The first has made it illegal to approve or deny the occurences of any instances of genocide. Out of respect to the millions of victims, a memorial will be built in Wrythe. The second law has dealt with controversial life-and-death issues, with the most respect possible for life in those situations being shown. The third law has revised the tax system. All subjects will still have to pay 2 a month, but now they must also pay 20p per month for every vehicle that they control which doesn't run on electricity or hydrogen. The fourth law has introduced stricter controls on who can own weapons. The fifth and final law passed has renamed the "Royal" Family the "Imperial" Family, as Austenasia is ruled by an Emperor and not a King. All instances of the word "Royal" in Austenasia have now been replaced by "Imperial" e.g. the Royal Austenasian Red Cross medal is now the Imperial Austenasian Red Cross, and the title HRH is now HIH. Also, the Emperor has got a change in title - His Imperial Majesty (HIM) Emperor Terry I.

In other news, the first knights to be entered into the Order of the Bullmastiff have been announced - HIH the Crown Prince and HIH Princess Caroline. They have been made a Knight and a Dame of Carothan.




International Diplomacy!

HM Emperor Terry I has given Royal Consent to more laws today, the first one naming animal cruelty, vandalism and other actions as crimes. The second law has introduced a new medal for conservation of the environment and has also founded a whole new order of knighthoods, the Order of the Bullmastiff, which is an even greater honour than being in the Austenasian Order (and which any favourite dogs of the Emperor can also be a member of). The third law passed, which is a series of orders to the Chief Ambassador, means that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will start sending letters to other countries stating our existance and asking for recognition. The Empire of Austenasia will also be attempting to join the League of Small Nations, a group of countries which, like Austenasia, are unrecognised by any member states of the United Nations (popularly known as "micronations").



Election held - Crown Prince re-elected!

Happy New Year! The 2009 General Election was held today, and HRH Crown Prince Sir Jonathan Austen has been elected as Prime Minister with one hundred percent of votes (as well as the fact that constitutionally he was the only candidate). Later, in the Cabinet, he was also re-elected as Chancellor, Secretary-General, Minister of Residents and Immigration and Chief Ambassador.