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Winter 2008


Declaration of Independence resent!

With permission from His Majesty the Emperor, the Prime Minister has once again sent the Declaration of Independece to the United Kingdom. It had already been sent to the British Prime Minister and to the MP for Carshalton and Wallington. Since no reply had been recieved, it was decided to try again to get the United Kingdom's attention. It was sent to the Home Office.



Election day nearing

As Austenasia prepares itself for the first ever election day (to be held on 1st January), an Act has been quickly passed clearing up any small contradictions in Austenasia's laws which may disrupt the election. HM Emperor Terry I has officially approved the Crown Prince as a candidate.



Austenasian Television Productions founded!

Two acts were given Royal Consent today by HM Emperor Terry I. The first lists all countries that Austenasia officially recognises as sovereign states, while the second has founded the ATP, the Empire's answer to the BBC.



Honours recieved as the Royal Family celebrates Boxing Day!

Today, the Princess Consort's mother, Joyce, visited 1 Imperial Road (the Royal residence) as the Emperor's family celebrated Boxing Day together. The Prime Minister suggested to the Emperor that Joyce be knighted a Dame Commander of the Austenasian Order after she showed strong support for the Empire and system of government. She is now Dame Boxall, DCA. Also, the Princess Consort herself was given the Royal Austenasian Red Cross after her good care of the Crown Prince during the week or so during which he had suffered with a bad cold, now being HRH Princess Consort Margaret, RRC.



Austenasian Royal Family celebrate Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! Today, the Emperor, Princess Consort and their children visited the house of HRH Princess Consort Margaret's brother (who is 15th in line to the throne). There, they all had Christmas lunch and celebrated Christmas Day.



New laws passed - possibility of an "Empress" accounted for

Acts 34, 35 and 36 were given Royal Consent by the Emperor today. While Act 35 dealt with the declaring of a State of Emergency, the other two were in-depth guidelines on the titles of Government members, which until today had been heavily biased towards a male Emperor.



British Police enter Austenasia despite newly passed Act!

This evening, two British police officers entered Austenasia and confiscated a laser pointer which had been shining down Green Wrythe Lane/Imperial Road! Despite this seemingly going against the law passed last week, the Prime Minister of Austenasia (who the laser pointer belonged to) maintained that it was not:

"While two British police officers entered our territory, this was not in breach of Act 29. They asked if they could confiscate a laser pointer which I was using because they believed it dangerous - I agree with them, it could easily cause an accident, especially on such a busy road. They did not demand that we gave it to them, but gave us the choice of doing so, and in fact HRH the Emperor himself decided that it would be best to give it to them. As they did not enter our territory to prosecute a criminal, they did not go against Act 29, Law 2. It is fully in their jurisdiction to politely recommend that we give them a laser pointer, which I willingly did so after they explained to me how dangerous it could be."



New laws passed - Austenasian Police Force founded and tobacco banned!

Following new legislation in Austenasia, it is treason for any resident to call the British Police. Instead, each town has been ordered to set up it's own police force to catch criminals and maintain public order. This is due to Act 29, the longest Act ever to have been passed by Parliament. The reason that Act 29 is so large is because it needed to list every single crime capable of being commited, as from this day forth the Empire of Austenasia rejects jurisdiction of the British Police!

Act 32 has now made it legal to refuse to pay taxes to the United Kingdom, as long as you relinquished your British Citizenship when your became an Austenasian Subject.

Act 33 has banned cigarettes. Effectively starting from the 30th December 2008, anyone found in the Empire of Austenasia with products containing tobacco and/or nicotine will be arrested, as from now on both nicotine and tobacco are as illegal as heroin and cocaine.

Other Acts passed today include some basic guidelines on human rights in Act 30, and some revisions to previous laws in Act 31.



Relatives visit celebration of Princess Consort's Birthday!

HRH Princess Consort Margaret has her birthday on the 8th of December, but it was celebrated today as her mother, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and two nieces visited the Royal residence. The Emperor himself did not attend the celebration as he was on business in the British city of Liverpool, but the Crown Prince and Princess Caroline did celebrate along with the others.



Laws revised - tax rate increased

HRH Emperor Terry I has given Royal Consent to a revision of previous laws. Act 28 was passed to make it easier for residents to know about new laws passed, but also included in the Act is a Law declaring that the tax rate has been increased to 2 a month from every subject of Austenasia.

The Prime Minister has given the following statement on the rise in taxes: "The country needs more money so that we can help to firmly establish ourselves as a soverign nation. I am aware of the decrease in value of the Pound Sterling () and of the economic crisis, and so I will decrease the tax rate as soon as the Department of the Treasury is getting enough money. However, 24 in total of tax every year is still much, much less than you would be expected to pay in taxes if we were still part of the United Kingdom."



New Laws passed - Coronation planned!

The Emperor has passed Acts 23-27. These include some revisions of previous laws, an order to get some crown jewels, laws containing the procedures for abdication and an order that the Coronation of His Royal Highness the Emperor will take place on Emperor Day next year!


Winter in Austenasia!

The Emperor has decreed that the Winter of 2008 has started on this day. 

Autumn 2008


Diplomatic Relations with the UK

The Emperor has given Royal Consent to the Ambassadors Act and has ordered that diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom are to start. The Department of Foreign Affairs has been founded to acheive this, with the Crown Prince as Chief Ambassador.



Honorary Subjects

HRH Emperor Terry I has given Royal Consent to the Secretary-General Act and to the Honorary Subjects Act. The Empire is now attempting to get Honorary Subjects online.